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There comes a time when every duelist must choose his or her path. This is an academy dedicated to exploit a duelist's skill when it comes to strengths and weaknesses, darkness and light.
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 My Fan Fic

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Queen of the Cards

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PostSubject: My Fan Fic   Mon Jan 23, 2012 12:48 am

Way to haven

I’m May I was the Worst dullest or so I thought. “She’s about 5 foot 7 inches maybe Silver hair its ferry Long and she Wight With red EYES!” a boy said talking to his friend. “Red eyes!?” the friend replied. “Yea what a freak right?” The friend said. “Yay can she attest duel?” no She’s mute and when she does she get scared and quits she runs Glad’s” “O look hair she comes!” the boy Whispered. I walk down the side walk with my duel desk on and my cards loaded in ready for a duel. I walked by the two boys and I fell and hit the ground but on my way down I saw one of the boys legs out They tripped me. As I hot the ground My cards fly every ware and I crawl trying to pic them up as tears rolled down my face as I fell the blood flowing from a cut on my check. I pick up my entire deck and see once missing My Alexander my Favored Card was missing.

I look up and I see one of the boys was holding it saying. “Look What I found a Alexander card” My flashed Open as I ran up to him and reached for it and the boy put it out of my reach and said. “Say plez” as him and his friend laughed a girl wearing a T shirt with a Dark Magician Girl on it and Jeans Black ones came up and punched the boy in the face flipped him on the ground and pinned him to the ground. “LET ME GO!!!” the boy demanded the Girl said with a laugh” Say Sorry to that girl and give her back her card NOW!” “OK OK!!!” he cried. The girl let go and the boy got up handed me the card and said. I’m sorry…FREAK!” the Girl spun him around and Punched him in the face. The boy was out as his friend ran away. The girl walked up to me and asked. “Are you ok?” I shuck my head. “Don’t be shy Talk” I just stood there. She said “ you can talk can’t you?” I shuck my head again. “O…you poor thing. Where you do life?” she asked. I shrugged my shoulder. “Your Homeless?” she asked. I nodded my head. “Not anymore” she replied. She saw the Confused look on my face so she said you moving in to the Twilight Duel Academy” And As she Grabbed my hand I blushes felling A felling I have never felt before…Cared for.
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PostSubject: Re: My Fan Fic   Mon Jan 23, 2012 1:01 am

post this in fan fic section please http://1.bp.blogspot

so everyone can see it, nice fic btw
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My Fan Fic
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