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 yugioh apocalypse

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PostSubject: yugioh apocalypse   Mon Jan 23, 2012 9:04 pm

part 1:

Yugioh Apocalypse

It was a bright and lively day like any other in domino city. Domino city was a city of many wonders, it had been called the home of duelist. It had this name since duelist across the world lived here, including legendary ones.

One duelist who lives here is named Z. Z had brown hair, and brown eyes and always wore a blue denim jacket along with black jeans to match. This young duelist seeks nothing more then to be the next king of games! But first he starts off trying to get into a duel academy.

“Ah man am going to be late for the exams!” Z said while getting dressed as fast as he could.

As he put his cloths on, he grabbed his duel disk and immediately headed for the duel academy. As Z ran towards his destination he’s excitement grew. He couldn’t believe that a new duel academy opened up near domino city. The duel academy by Z had been open for a couple months now, but Z never had the time to actually enroll. Luckily for Z it doesn’t take long to get on the boat (which takes about 10 minutes) and to run the rest of the way to the academy. As Z opened the front doors of the academy, all he saw was the simple hall way. There was no one inside the hall, even though the duel academy announced it all over the city that they were registering again. Z was hesitant, but soon shaked it off after seeing what looked like a student go into the main auditorium. Z assumed that was were the registration was being held and began to follow. After a couple turns Z came across a door that had the words “Auditorium” printed on the top.

“Yes am finally going to enroll in duel academy!” Z said with excitement.

Z opened the doors only to see a few students, all wearing a variety of blue, yellow, and red jackets.

“Umm hello?” Z asked.

As Z looked around the room he saw a person with white hair and a white jacket come towards him.

“Oh. Hello are you here to enroll?” The man asked.

“Yes, I also want to know why there isn’t many students here.” After Z asked the question the man bite his lower lip.

“Ok if you want to register please chose a dorm of your choice. Would you like slifer red, ra yellow, or obelisk blue?” The man asked.

“Oh. Well isn’t there someone whose suppose to duel me to see that?” Z asked.

This question began to irritate the man.

“I guess I don’t really care.”

“Well if you don’t really care then maybe you should just go in slifer” The man almost yelled while saying that.

This kind of shocked Z.

“Oh. Am sorry iv just been stressed with the missing stu-” The man corrected himself before saying much more.

Z thought it was best not to say anything about that comment.

“Anyway my name is Dartz, am the headmaster of this academy.”

“Ok so can you tell me whats going to happen now that am here?” Z asked.

“Yes, everyday you will attend the slifer dormitory class room on the 1st floor, then when your teacher dismisses you, you may go to the cafeteria to eat lunch. After you will have your last class then you are free to do what you want.” Dartz said.

“Sorry to bother you but what kind of things?” Z asked.

“Oh. Well you can go to the duel arenas, people are always willing to have a duel or you can just go in your dorm room” Dartz answered.

“The slifer dorms are outside on the far right of the island, your’s is room 5b” Dartz said while pointing in the direction.

“Ok thank you headmaster!” Z said running to go check his dorm out.

“Also your classes start tomorrow!” Dartz screamed to the new student.

“Thank you again” Z screamed.

Z soon reached the silfer dorm rooms, they looked like a camps getaway house and had faded red paint across the roof.

“Not what I expected but oh well” Z said in some disappointment.

Z entered the dorm room 5b. It was a basic slifer room, having bunk beds and a desk with a lamp. Z sighed and put his stuff down.

“Well am sure the rest of this academy is fun” Z said reviving his spirit.

Z then made his way to the duel arenas which were on the 2nd floor of the duel academy. Z rushed though the doors leading to the arenas, Z looked as about 10 people were inside, most were dueling others were just waiting for an opponent. Z looked at the students that were dueling, as the monsters sprouted out of the cards, how the monsters attacked so gracefully, even how when they got destroyed, they went into a million tiny pieces. It made Z want to duel someone, just to feel the rush for the first time. Z dueled before but only with the basic cards and no one to play against. But that all changed when he heard a voice across the room.

“Hey new kid want to duel?” The unknown voice asked.

Z tried to find the source of the voice, but soon came across a person who was also in the slifer dorm.

“Hi my names BlackSkull, want to duel new kid?” The person named Blackskull asked.

“Oh. Well sure I guess” Z said

“But my names not “new kid” its just Z”

“Ok what ever you say Z~” Blackskull said with a little sarcasm in his tone.

Z was actually pretty scared, this was his first duel here after all.

Z looked as people began to gather, only ceasing to make him more nervous

“Ok am ready” Z lied.

The duel began with the duelist turning on their duel disk and drawing a total of 5 cards.

Part 2:

“Ok mind if I go first” Blackskull said as if he was in a rush to finish the duel on the first turn.

Blackskull drew a card from his deck.

“Ok first am going to summon Machina Gearframe from my hand, then ill set 2 cards facedown. Your move” Skull said as he ended his turn.

“Ok, guess its my move, I draw!” Z said beginning to look at his hand.

“Well first ill play my Nova Summoner in attack mode”

“Ill also set 3 cards facedown, turn end” Z said with a grin.

Skull sensed that Z, this newfound duelist, had something planned.

“Whatever, my turn, draw!” Skull looked at his hand

“First ill activate Polymerization, and fuse Red Eyes B. Dragon with my Summond Skull, for…..” Skull said as a quaking monster erupted from the ground beneath.

“Black Skull Dragon!!!”

The dragon was huge! It had multiple horns on its head and a fearsome grin to make it all worse.

“Wow, I never saw a Black Skull Dragon before” Z said quite amazed at the view.

“But I think ill chain to that summon” Z said still holding the grin.

“Trap card activate! Nightmare Archfiends!, by tributing a monster I can summon 3 Nightmare Archfiends to your side of the field, and when they are destroyed you lose 800 points of damage” Z explained.

Just then 3 small black looking creatures came to Skull’s field. They laughed like hyenas as they made Skull’s field their new home.

“You must not be thinking strait Z was it? These tokens of yours have 2000 atk!” Skull laughed.

Z just smirked.

This gave Skull some hesitation.

“Whatever, I now attack with my dragon!” Skull demanded.

The dragon coated in bones began to draw closer to Z.

“I don’t think so I activate the spell, Flute of Summoning Kuriboh! Now I can special summon winged kuriboh from my deck” Z said searching for the card in his deck.

Z put the small fairy type monster on his duel disk.

Then a small brown furry Kuriboh monster appeared on Z’s side of the field, stars were even forming around the small creature.”

Skull knew what was planned after this act, and wasn’t looking forward to it.

“Now I activate T-” Z didn’t finish his sentence.

Z and Skull looked at the corner of the room, seeing multiple students going outside for some reason. Usually a duel would never be stopped in duel academy, no matter the situation. But Skull and Z felt compelled to go out.

As the two duelist began walking towards the door leading outside.

-How come I cant control my body- Wondered Z.

As they opened the doors leading outside they saw what looked like an eclipse. The eclipse was beautiful, as it sprouted neon lights though out duel academy, Z couldn’t see much but he moved his eye just a little bit only to see the entire academy, including some teachers looking into the center of the shining moon along with Z and Skull. After about 5 minutes of looking in the eclipse, Z’s eyes began to burn fiercely. Z fell to the ground in pain, his eyes felt like they were blazing. Z could hear the screams of other students and teachers near him too, Z wondered what was happening.

As Z’s eyes burned less and less, he noticed the eclipse that was once up in the sky, vanished, leaving without a trace. It took awhile for Z to regain his eye sight back. Z tried to move but, like last time, his movements were controlled. Z made his way to his dorm room, as did other slifer students. Luckily for Z he was able to control some of his head. Z looked at the other students walking. He soon regretted that. The students following Z had pure gray eyes, and emotionless expressions on their faces. Z looked forward as the faded out slifer dorm came into view. Z began to get scared, seeing as he was the only one who was able to hold a expression.

Z dared to look back once more, trying to look for Skull. But to his surprise Skull was no where to be seen, like he wasn’t even in the duel academy slifer dorm.

Z soon ran out of time as he was forced to entered his dorm room. Z was also forced to lay on his bed, close his eyes, and quietly go to sleep.

Part 3:

Z woke up with a shock. Z looked around his dorm room.

“What happened?” Z asked himself.

Z decided to get up and go outside for a closer inspection. Z was surprised to see many students occupying the slifer dorm grounds.

Most of the students were slifer of course, but some were also from ra and obelisk. Z noticed Skull was talking to an obelisk student who he called Duel Kid.

“So what exactly happened yesterday with everyone?” Duel Kid asked Skull.

“Well…….” He replied.

For some reason Skull’s tone was different then when Z dueled him. It was more foreign, like he was trying to learn a new language. Z shook it off and ran towards Skull.

“Hey Skull!” Z said putting on a fresh smile.

Both Duel Kid and Skull looked at him with weird.

“Who are you?” They both asked.

This shocked Z, he knew the person talking to Skull would ask that. But Skull himself????

“You don’t remember Skull? Me and you dueled yesterday” Z said a little angry at Skull.

“Oh…….yeah I remember you know” Skull said trying to put on smile.

Z looked at Skull one last time before turning his back.

-What in the world is going on?- Z thought to himself.

Z sighed before heading for the duel arena room. On the way Z still wondered what was going on, First a strange eclipse happened, then Skull acting weird and not remembering him. Z sensed a lot of tension in the air after walking by many students talking about last night.

Z soon came to the duel arena room. Z entered only to see around 10 or so people dueling or just chatting with their friends, there were also some commotion in the corner of the room, it was two people dueling. Z always loved to watch a duel, so of course he made his way to the front of the crowd and looked at the monsters already face up. Some students were cheering “GX! GX! GX!” and others were cheering just watching. Z looked at the one with a red color uniform, and guessed he was from the slifer dorm. Judging from the cheers he was GX. GX had 1 card facedown and had 2 monsters known as Elemental Hero Sparkman and Elemental Hero Heat. His opponent had only 2 facedowns and no monsters.

“Now I activate the spell card Heavy Storm!” GX said holding a grin.

This shocked GX’s opponent as his facedowns were helplessly destroyed.

“Now go my Elemental Heroes attack him directly!” GX commanded.

With this his heroes attacked the person on the other side reducing his life points to 0.

GX then stepped out of the arena pedestal and shook his defeated opponent’s hand.

“Good game” They both said.

Z frowned as the great game ended. After this GX began to go to his rightful dorm, Z decided to follow him. Z wanted to ask if GX knew anything about the eclipse that had happened last night, and was determined to find out why he was the only one who wasn’t fully controlled. Luckily for Z he caught up to GX.

“Ummm wait please!” Z almost screamed.

This caught GX’s attention and he looked back at Z.

“Yes?” He questioned.

Z began to take a breather.

“Oh. Well do you know anything about that eclipse yesterday?” Z asked.

“Eclipse?? What do you mean?” He asked.

Z was disappointed from hearing this.

“Oh. No no never mind.” Z said, pretty let down at hearing nothing informational.

GX began to look puzzled.

“What exactly are you saying?” He asked Z.

“Well…….” Z couldn’t finish his sentence thanks to a loud crash coming from the slifer dorm.

GX and Z looked at each other before running over to see what was wrong. The sound was coming from Z’s room. Z barged in only to see 2 people that looked like construction workers. The two construction workers were apparently digging something up, seeing as dirt and mud coated Z’s room.

“Am sorry this area is under construction” The two said at the same time.

GX and Z exchanged expressions.

“Wait, but this is my room!” Z argued.

“Am sorry but you must move to a different dorm until we’ve successfully removed it” One of them said.

“Removed what exactly?” Z asked.

“That is un-needed information” One replied.

This began to irritate Z.

“But I have no where else to go” Z said trying to hold in his anger.

“Well, you can move in with me I have no roommates.” GX suggested.

“See your buddy says you can now please go, your interrupting our ‘business’, it will be done shortly” The man said waving his hand for them to go.

Just like that the man threw Z’s stuff and shutted the door in his face.

“So can I really stay with you?” Z asked trying not to sound too annoyed.

“Oh. Yeah its no problem at all, I’ve never had a roommate before. Could be fun” GX said holding a slight smile.

After some time Z put his stuff in GX’s room, which was only above his by one floor. After cleaning himself off from the dirt he go covered in he and GX headed for class, which was just about to start.

On the way the two began to talk.

“So whats you name?” GX asked.

“Oh. You can just call me Z” he replied.

“Ok my names GX if you didn’t know” GX said.

“Ok well we better start running to class I suppose.”

The two began to run. The slifer dorm classroom wasn’t too far, it was on the 1st floor by the auditorium. The duel academy classrooms were all aligned with each other. First it was the slifer classroom, then ra, and then obelisk. GX and Z finally made it in the classroom.

The two sat next to each other just before the bell rang, signaling the class would begin

Part 4

Z was excited for his first lesson in dueling he could barely hold it! Once the bell rang every student sat down and listened to the teacher

The teacher of course had a red jacket slightly bigger then the students and had a gold name tag which said : Crazycar. There was a moment of silence until the teacher spoke.

“Ok class today we have a new student, Z! please welcome him he just came to duel academy yesterday so if someone could show him around sometime after class that would be great.” Crazycar said.

“Come up here so our students could see you” whispered Crazycar.

Z always hated it when he had to go up in front of a class he always got nervous. But he did it anyway.

“Umm hi.” Was all he could muster up.

“Ok you can sit down.” Crazycar mumbled.

Z sat down at his original seat and began to hear the teachers instructions.

“Ok class today we will have no work, instead you all may duel!” Crazycar informed.

This act made the slifer class erupt in joy. People began to go out of their sets, and duel one another without hesitation.

“Well……you want to duel Z?” asked GX.

“Umm sure” Z said with a smile.

The students dueled for the entire class, while Z was dueling GX he saw that his teacher, Crazycar, went out a door way looking worried. Unlucky for Z this distracted him from the duel.

“Now Elemental Hero The Shining attack Z directly!” GX ordered.

With this Z’s life points were depleted to zero. GX sensed that Z was worried about something, since, he had a facedown he looked like he was about to use before he looked were the teacher had exited.

“Are you ok?” GX asked Z, while looking in the same direction he was.

This made Z come back to reality.

“Oh. Yeah am fine, good game” Z smiled at GX before darting off to were his teacher had went.

GX looked at Z with a confused look before dueling another friend.

As Z busted though the doors his teacher had went to he came across a room that sort of looked like a waiting room. It had red curtains and red chairs and the strange scent a doctor’s room would have. Z ignored this and continued to a nearby elevator, as he rushed to get in. Luckily for Z, Crazycar was in the elevator.

Crazycar gave Z a shocked expression as he darted into the elevator.

“Hello…why aren’t you dueling?” asked Crazycar.

Z tried hard to think of a excuse.

“I was umm…I need the bathroom!” Z responded as normal as he could.

“Oh. Ok well get back to class when your done”

“Yes sir”

Just then the elevator door opened and Crazycar went out, about to head right until he noticed Z trying to follow him.

“The bathrooms on the next floor” Crazycar said.

“Oh. Umm thank you mr.Crazycar” Z said trying hard to put a smile on his face before going to the elevator again.

Once the elevator doors closed Z saw Crazycar take his leave and continue going his way.

Z cursed as his mission had failed.

Later that night Z was laying on his bed thinking…

GX was fast asleep as he had dueled nearly 20 students today, which Dartz and the staff gave him an award for duelist of the day. Z grew tired just thinking of his day and soon drifted to sleep….

Z had a dream, at first it began peaceful with duel academy having another calm and sunny day until…darkness overwhelmed the place, dark clouds swirled in the sky and black stars aroused from the new blue sun. Students began screaming as a dark shadowy figure appeared from a distant road. The dark being dueled every student in his path, but for Z each duel lasted a second each. Before he knew it the dark being had one student left until he would get to Z. Z tried hard to move his body but felt like he was paralyzed. Soon the shadowy figure commanded his monster of darkness to attack and reduce the opponents life points to zero. With this the student dropped to his knees and darkness consumed him, engulfing him in shadows. After the students cruel fate the shadowy figure looked at Z with glowing red eyes that made Z want to jump out of his skin. The figure became larger and larger each second as he came closer. Once he was near a few feet away from Z his arm began to be engulfed in shadows and soon turned into a axe. The axe was nearly as big as Z’s body and had bloody stains on the edge. The evil being lifted his weapon once he was close, not daring to waste time with a duel, and slashed it at Z, easily cutting what was in front of it in two…

Part 4

Z woke up with a shock, his eyes wide open. What was that dream about? Z soon shook it off and got out of bed, he looked at the clock which read : 7:30. This really got Z to wake up. His class was suppose to start at 7:00! He looked up and saw GX was gone. Z quickly got dressed and darted out the door. When Z made it to class he was welcomed with his teacher, Crazycar, staring down at him.

“Why are you late? You just started here and your already developing a bad habit” Crazycar scolded.

“Am sorry Mr.” Z apologized. “I forgot to turn on my alarm.”

The entire class grew a grin, thinking it was funny. Z just tried to ignore the slight giggles from every few students.

As time and class passed, Z noticed that even more students were missing now. After a pretty boring lesson of field spells and different types Z was itching to get some action in the duel arenas today.

As he was walking he saw a stray yellow colored duel disk. That was strange Z thought, it was just laying there with the owners cards and everything. Z didn’t really care for it, since, the duel disk looked like it dropped or was thrown, so Z assumed it was a throw-away duel disk. He soon arrived at the duel arenas, he opened the doors. The light inside the building blurred as he opened the doors. Once again he saw around 10 people in the room, most dueling. Z got on a duel arena and waited for an opponent.

Z soon got his wish as a person wrapped in black cloth came on and challenged Z. The person had dark circles under his eyes and had a strange aura around him. The linked his duel disk to the arena and got ready to duel. Z followed and drew 5 cards with his new opponent. The man immediately drew another card without giving a warning and played 2 cards facedown and ended his turn. Z pondered if he should continue. After some thought he drew his card. He looked at his hand thinking of plans and strategies and ended up playing 1 card facedown and summoning the mighty dragon known as Luster Dragon.

“Now I attack with my dragon!” Z commanded his monster to attack the opposing player.

The man lifted his left arm up and soon a trap card, Magic Cylinder, came from its hiding place. The Luster Dragon shoot a blazing nova out of its mouth, which then went into a circular cylinder and redirected it at Z. The blast hit Z with great force reducing his life points to 2100.

“Ahhhh” Z screamed in pain.

Z knew after this that this was no ordinary game. For some reason when he lost life, he felt real pain! Z ended his turn. The man then drew once again, and without much thought ended his turn, not playing any monsters nor traps. Z was really wondering what exactly is this guy doing? But still drew a card. Z smiled as he drew just the card he needed.

“I activate Mystical Space Typhoon!” Z said as a blustering wind erupted from the card in his hand destroyed the opponents facedown card. The man in the dark clothing showed no regard for his card at all. Z felt a weird presence, like, something was about to happen.

“I attack with my Luster Dragon!” Once again a blast erupted from the dragon’s mouth, hitting it’s target and reducing the mysterious man’s life points to 2100 also. The match was tied now. Each with 2100. Z ended his turn with 2 cards facedown.

The man drew his card. It took him awhile before he played a monster known as Axe Dragonute. He commanded his beast to attack Z’s Luster Dragon. The monster lifted his giant axe and slashed it across Z’s Luster Dragon. The monster busted into millions of pieces. Z’s life was now at 2000. The man set 1 card and ended his turn. Z drew his card, hoping he could pull his combo off. He looked at what he had drawn and grew a smile.

“This was fun and all but it about time I end this” Z laughed.

“I play the magic card Heavy Storm” Z yelled.

With that the opponent’s spells and traps vanished along with Z’s.

“Now Ill activate Smashing Ground!” Z added.

The opponent’s eyes were still calm as his monster cried out when being destroyed.

Z smirked as he played the card that would win him the game. He summoned the monster called Gemini Elf.

The spell caster type game forth to it’s masters side. The two twins were ordered to attack the opponent not to long after.

“Now attack! I also play the quick play spell card Rush Recklessly! Therefore my monster gains 700 attack points until the end phase” Z explained.

“This is game”

The opponent’s life was then reduced to zero as he was sent flying, soon hitting the wall. The person Z faced now had his hood off. Z took a look, it was someone he didn’t know. The man had pure gray eyes and a strange medallion along with that. Z obseverd the medallion for quite awhile, until he finally ripped it off the mans neck. The medallion had a strange pure red jewel at the end. When Z held it in his palm it grew hotter, as if a strange liquid was held captive in the strange thing. Z looked at the man once more, as time passed the man, who was out cold just a second ago, jumped up and screamed as a dark cloud made its way up his body. The shadowy cloud caused the man to scream and struggle, but no one but Z seem to realize this. Z was shocked as the man evaporated in the black mist, his duel disk dropped along with the cards he had, and he was erased, no one knowing of his existence but Z…
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PostSubject: Re: yugioh apocalypse   Mon Jan 23, 2012 11:43 pm

ihave too much free time to have read this all.
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PostSubject: Re: yugioh apocalypse   Mon Jan 23, 2012 11:55 pm

I <3 it
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iThink you posted here because I posted here...
If you read it, what was the name of the card that Z played last?
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PostSubject: Re: yugioh apocalypse   Mon Jan 23, 2012 11:59 pm

... SHUT UP!
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PostSubject: Re: yugioh apocalypse   Tue Jan 24, 2012 12:02 am

This is why I'm taking DP from you on Friday, and ranking up on Saturday Smile
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cool, I want more plz :3
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yugioh apocalypse
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