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 Stranded Duelists

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(KTD) Lord Flame


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PostSubject: Stranded Duelists   Tue Jan 24, 2012 9:19 pm

Chapter one

As a young man peered over the side of a yatch the size of the Titanic he noticed that the sea was very angry. A sudden storm blew in with a down pour of rain and gusts of wind the yatt didn't stand a chance. The young man kept peering over the edge of the yatch wondering what has the sea so angry. Just then a giant wave hit the side of the boat.
With a startled awakening a young man awoke on a beach. Coughing up sand and water he sat up on his knees. He looked around wondering where he was. Then he started to wonder who he was. This young man looked around to see that their was thousands of trees that were about 10 feet tall with some were fruit on them. He also noticed that their was a giant volcano big enough to be its own continent. As he peered around more he didn't see any land out in the sea.
As he tried to get up on his feet he almost fell over. Regaining his balance he started wondering if he was the only one here or if their was others.
"HELLO! Can you hear me? Is anyone out their?" He shouted
He waited for a reply but never got one so he decided to walk around a bit. He kept away from the trees because they seemed to be peering at him with fiery.
After an hour of walking he realized that he was on a island and that he couldn't remember the last time he ate. He went up to the closet tree he could and started to climb it when his pants riped on the side. When they riped he noticed a box fell out of them. He got down from the little climb he had going and reached to grab it. As he opened the box he felt like this was familiar to him somehow.
Inside the box was a deck of cards that had monsters printed on them and a bunch of words/numbers.
"What are these?" He asked to him self puzzled.
Just then he remembered about when he was 8 he use to use these cards to fight against other people when ever he got into an argument. As he examined them he remembered all his past strategies that could beat anyone he came across.
He shut the box and carefully placed it on the ground so if he fell from the tree he wouldn't land on them. As he started to climb the tree again he realized that he had a long way to climb for that fruit. Finally when he got to the top he plucked three of the fruits from the tree and climbed back down.
After he finished his meal he picked up his cards and put them in his good pocket. He then wen't off to see what he could find. When he got to a spot almost completely covered with grass only he got hit in the head by a rock. As he was baring the pain he heard a young females voice.
"Hey! Who are you? Are you from the clan of fire? Earth? Water? Lightning?"
"Ow. Am i from the clan of what?" He asked still trying to get over the pain of the rock
"Fire! Earth! Water! Or lightning! its a simple question!" She said impatiently
"I don't know anything about clans i don't even know where i am."
"Then what is your name?"
"I don't remember."
"What kind of fool do you take me for i am the leader of the sky clan?!"
He looked up to notice a super gorgeous girl with long blond hair, blue eyes, and was about 6 feet tall. She has wearing a small blue T-shirt with the words love kills written on it, and blue jeans riped at the heels. Her feet look beet up and her hands to but even with the wild, uncared for look she had she still looked gorgeous.
"I will ask you again. WHO ARE YOU!?" She yelled with another rock in her hand ready to throw.
"I..... I am.........." He stammered stunned by this spectacular girl standing before him.
"You are?!?!?!?!"
He suddenly remembered his nickname from when he was a boy.
"I am Lord Flame. At your service my lady."
Puzzled by his words she said "Your a strange one aren't you? What clan do you come from?"
"I have no clan that i know. All i can remember is waking up on the beach this morning."
"You don't know how you came to be on the beach?"
"No i don't."
"Hhhhhmmmm............ Well maybe the gods have answered my call for a new companion. Come. I will show you around."
She started walking away into the clearing ahead. Flame noticed she walked with the grace of a gazelle but she was clearly as fierce as a lion. She turned around.
"Are you coming? I don't have all day you know." She said with a playful tone and a smile
As he stood up he began to fall again but he quickly regained his balance and rushed up to the girl.
"You never told me what your name was?" flame asked
"Oh? Excuse me i am known as Silent Magician but you can call me Silent." Silent answered
"Ok Silent. Where are we going?"
"We are going to the base of the clan of the sky."
"What are these clans you spoke of earlier?"
"The clans are groups of people that live on this island. Each clan hates each other and each clan has their own territory. As long as you listen to me and don't go into enemy territory you will be fine."
"Oh that's good to here but why do the clans hate each other?"
"A long time ago we lived in harmony and piece but then some people thought that they were better than the rest and so they started a clan to destroy the rest of the members of this island. Luckily the others heard about their plan and defended their territory but when they defeated them people started to blame each other. So they started to fight and the gods got angry. The gods created that volcano and had if erupt. Creating lava flow down various spots and had them split into clans for each area the lava separated."Silent said heart heavy
"That's dumb. Why can't they just forget the past and move on." Flame said clueless
"Don't you think people have tried that in the past!" Yelled Silent with fiery and spinning around right into Flame's face "They gave their life's for nothing but more arguing!"
Silent stomped away mumbling something to her self. Flame didn't open his mouth the rest of the walk. He just followed her hopping she would calm down.
"Were here" silent said suddenly
Flame looked around only seeing the clear meadow and a volcano miles away.
"Where?" He asked puzzled
"Here" She said jumping into a hole in the ground that was super hard to notice.
Flame was puzzled but jumped in anyway. Finding himself in a tunnel he walked into a big hole with no light. He could hear silent laughing but he couldn't hear her. As he kept going he hit a wall. Flame looked up noticing that their was light coming from the ceiling. He then saw silent poke her head over the top.
"I was beginning to wonder if you would ever find your way here." She laughed
"Well how do i get out?" He asked
"The rope of course."
Flame looked around to notice a big rope right in front of him. He grabbed on and began to climb up. When he got to the top he was blinded by sunlight. As he started to be able to see again he hear silent say.
"Congrats on getting out but when are you going to open your eyes?" She asked
Flame finally got his eyes wide open and noticed that they were in a giant meadow with tables and chairs. On the tables was a fancy blanket and dishes all around. The chairs were wooden with a cushion on the seat.
"Well what you think this is our base?"
"Our?" flame asked puzzled "What you mean by our?"
Just then someone grabbed Flame from behind and lifted him in the air.
"WHAT!?!?!?!" yelled flame shocked
"Put him down Phoenix." Silent said with a calm voice and a smile across her face"Or do i have to kill you?"
Flame was put down. As he spun around he noticed a huge guy about 8 feet tall with muscles bulging out of his body. He had longish black hair that clearly needed a trim and green eyes. He was wearing a ripped black T-shirt and riped blue jeans.
"Oh i was just messing with the guy you know that." The man said with a deep voice
"Well don't he is already scared enough without you butting in!"
"Well who is he anyway? He doesn't look like he is from one of the other clans."
"His name is Lord Flame also known as Flame. All he can remember is waking up on the beach this morning." Silent explained and then turned to Flame. "This is Phoenix. He is the muscle of the sky clan."
"Oh. That's to bad. Does he duel?" Phoenix asked ignoring Silent
Flame perked up hearing that. He grabbed his box of cards from his pocket and threw them in the air. Then as the fell to the ground he caught them with one hand.
"That is something i can't forget how to do." Flame said with a giant smurk on his face
"Oh." Phoenix said a little surprised "Well lets have a duel real quick"
Phoenix then turned and jumped into another hole. Flame heard a bunch of clunking and noise before the ground started to open up. A big machine rose from the ground with Phoenix standing on one said.
"What is this thing?" Flame asked
"This is a duel machine. You put down your cards and they take form in the middle." Silent replied
Flame was still confused but went up to the side that Phoenix wasn't standing on anyway. He noticed that everything was labeled for him thankfully. As he set down his deck the machine began to glow all different colors.
To be continued......
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PostSubject: Re: Stranded Duelists   Tue Jan 24, 2012 9:30 pm

i cant wait for part 2
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Silent Magician

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PostSubject: Re: Stranded Duelists   Tue Jan 24, 2012 10:08 pm

i love being a BAMF.
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PostSubject: Re: Stranded Duelists   Fri Jan 27, 2012 5:33 am

great fic, I wanna be in the next one o.o
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PostSubject: Re: Stranded Duelists   

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Stranded Duelists
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