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 Stranded Duelists-2

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(KTD) Lord Flame


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PostSubject: Stranded Duelists-2    Wed Jan 25, 2012 7:58 pm

chapter 2
As Flame and Phoenix drew their cards three more people showed up to watch the duel. Flame saw that in his hand was a new card he never saw before. It was The Wicked Avatar and he was confused on what he should do with this new card. Besides that he had Decoy Dragon, Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon, Mountains, Future Fusion, and Masked Dragon. Flame activated his field spell Mountains and activated Future Fusion. He sent two Red-Eyes Wyverns, two Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragons, and a Decoy Dragon. After he reviled his Five-Headed Dragon Flame summoned Decoy Dragon. He activated Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon's effect to special summon it to the field by banishing Decoy Dragon. Then he activated his effect to special summon Masked Dragon and end his turn.
Phoenix drew his card from his deck and placed two cards face down and special summoned Cyber Dragon. He then set a monster down in defense mode. He attacked Masked Dragon with Cyber Dragon making Flames life go from four thousand to three thousand five hundred. Flame activated Masked Dragon's effect to special summon another Masked Dragon in defense mode from his deck. Phoenix then ended his turn
Flame drew Alexadrite Dragon from his deck. He activated Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon's effect to special summon Masked Dragon from his grave in defense and then normal summoned Alexandrite Dragon from his hand. Flame attacked Cyber Dragon with his Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon. As Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon attacked Phoenix activated his trap, Draining Shield, to negate the attack and to make his life points go from four thousand to seven thousand. Flame then attacked again with Alexandrite Dragon and Phoenix activated the same trap. Making his life points go from seven thousand to nine thousand two hundred. Flame ended his turn.
Phoenix drew a card from his deck. He took the card he just drew and activated it. Mystical Space Typhoon destroyed Flame's Future Fusion card. He then set down another face down and attacked Flames Masked Dragon with Cyber Dragon. Flame used Masked Dragon's effect to special summon another Masked Dragon from his deck in defense mode. Then Phoenix ended his turn.
Flame drew Stomping Destruction and activated it to destroy Phoenix's Cyber Dragon. He used Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon's effect to special summon Masked Dragon from the graveyard in defense mode. By sending his three Masked Dragons to the grave yard Flame summoned The Wicked Avatar in attack mode. He now noticed his cards effect was visable now. As he read it he thought that this had to be a gift from the gods.
"What is that?" Asked Phoenix
"This? It's The Wicked Avatar. It has a hundred attack over the highest attack on the field and it stops your traps and spells for two of your turns." Answered Flame
"So it is one of the legendary cards from the the legends and this must be one of the chosen ones that will save us all." Replied Phoenix amazed
"If the legends are true then doesn't that mean their are four more people with one of the legendary cards!" Silent yelled from the side lines
The others stated talking amongst themselves.Flame was puzzled over what they were talking about but thought that he should ask after the duel was finished.
"I am not sure what is going on right now but lets finish this duel before you start gossiping." Flame said impatiently
"OK." said Phoenix refocusing on the duel "Then continue."
Flame attacked Phoenix's first face down monster with Alexandrite Dragon. The monster appeared and it was Raging Flame Spirit. It was easily destroyed and then Flame attacked Phoenix's other face down monster with Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon. The monster was Red-Eyes Wyvern and was easily destroyed. After the field was cleared by Flame's monsters he attacked Phoenix directly with The Wicked Avatar making his life points go from nine thousand two hundred to six thousand three hundred. With that Flame ended his turn.
Phoenix drew a card and placed a card face down. He then had to end his turn.
Flame drew Dodger Dragon and normal summoned it to the field. He then used Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon's effect to bring back Red-Eyes Wyvern from his graveyard. Flame then attacked with all his monsters to knock Phoenix's life points to zero.
"That was a good game Flame i am glad i could have lost it to you" Said Phoenix looking down
Flame noticed Phoenix looked pale so he walked over to Phoenix.
"You were a tough opponent. I hope to duel you again sometime." Flame said with a smile across his face
"You fool... When you........ Lose on this................ Island you....................." Phoenix said as he was collapsing
Flame caught him and wondered what happened.
"Phoenix? When you lose you what?" Flame said with a sneaking suspicion of what the answer was
"Flame he is gone. When you lose on this island the gods kill you." Silent said sadly
"Why? Why would the gods want this? Why would they not let you live and have fun?"
"No one knows the exact answer for that but it is said if your clans chosen savor can defeat the other clans then all the members of your clan will be set free from this curse and sent to the nearliest populated area."
"You mentioned something about one of the five legendary cards? What are the other cards the gods have bestowed upon the other chosen ones?"
"The others are The Wicked Dreadwood, The Wicked Eraser, Slifer the sky dragon, and obelisk the tormentor."
"OK." Said Flame as he stood up and looked at the other people "I will be your savor so you don't have to ever go threw this again!"
Everyone cheered at Flames comforting words.
"Silent won't you introduce me to everyone?" Asked Flame
"Oh yeah." Silent said looking at the people "Line up!"
They intently shut up and lined up as Silent ordered.
"OK! The First one is known as Guardian. He is the protectors. The next one is Queen. She is the care taker. And the last on is Optimism. He is our scout." Silent introduced everyone
Flame looked at Guardian noticing that he was not very old but had more scares then flame has ever seen in his life and also had muscles every were. He had no hair but he clearly didn't need it getting in his way anyway. His clothes were so torn Flame couldn't tell if they were long shirt and pants or short T-shirt and shorts.
Flame looked over Queen now noticing that she had pouches upon pouches of stuff at her waist. She has long brown hair and had blue eyes. She was wearing a blue bikini top and a white bikini bottom.
Flame then examined Optimus noticing that he was the least built out of all the guys that he has seen thus far on this island. He was scrawny but healthy and had longish blond hair that needed a trim badly. He was wearing a camouflage T-shirt and shorts.
"Nice to you meet you all." Flame said bowing
"Nice to you meet you savor." They all said at the same time while bowing
"Oh please call me Flame."
"Well now that you met everyone you should get some sleep you have a big day tomorrow" Silent said
Flame looked at her puzzled. What was so big about tomorrow? Why was he the chosen one and not someone else? And Why can't he remember anything from the past? He wondered. But then he noticed that the sun was already set and that he needed sleep bad.
"OK. Where am i going to sleep?" Flame asked
"Where ever you want. Pick a spot their are millions." Silent said opening her arms to the field around them.
"We sleep on the ground?"
"Yes where else?"
"I don't know i just wasn't expecting the ground."
"Well lets all hit the hay."
Flame found himself a nice little spot softer then the rest near a big tree to sleep in.
Their was that young man again on a life raft watching his yacht sink to the bottom of the sea. He yells out to something and tries to jump into the raging sea. The other people in the life raft grab onto him so he can't. Although they had a hold of him he didn't stop fighting for a second. Out in the sea he could notice something on a broken piece of wood from the yacht.
Flame awoke the next morning dazed and confused for a second. He wondered where he was until he remembered all that happened yesterday. Also, he wondered how long he would be stuck on this island and how hard it will be to defeat the other chosen ones.
As Flame stood up and stretched he wondered where the others went and what time it was. He heard a voice from the forest not to far away. Flame followed the sound of the voice wondering who's it was? Once he got into the forest the voice stopped.
"Hey! Where are you!? Who are you!?" Flame yelled running
Someone jumped on Flame's back and pinned him to the ground.
"Now you will die chosen one so i can claim my way out of this place and back home." The mysterious person said.
Flame felt like he knew this girly but sturned voice from but he couldn't remember. He closed his eyes hoping that he would die quick but thinking why god? Why did you send me to this island just to die here and now by some one else's hands?
To be continued........
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Silent Magician

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PostSubject: Re: Stranded Duelists-2    Thu Jan 26, 2012 9:10 am

very nice, very nice...
TDA has so many fanfic writers lawl
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PostSubject: Re: Stranded Duelists-2    Fri Jan 27, 2012 5:39 am

Ik, I still wanna be it though Sad

Nice fic!!
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PostSubject: Re: Stranded Duelists-2    

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Stranded Duelists-2
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