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 stranded duelist's chapter 3

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(KTD) Lord Flame


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PostSubject: stranded duelist's chapter 3   Thu Jan 26, 2012 8:53 pm

Chapter 3
As Flame lied their waiting for the end he had a flash back to his youth again. He staggered for air.
"Lexi is that you?" Flame asked
"How do you know my name? Speak or i swear i will kill you right here and now!" Lexi said with a angry and surprised voice
"It's me. It's Lord Flame. Remember we use to duel together when we were young and in love."
"Flame?" Lexi was puzzled not sure what to do. "Is that really you?"
Lexi got off of Flame's back and let him get up. When Flame got up and turned around Lexi went from pissed to super happy. Lexi jumped onto Flame giving him a hug and causing him to fall to the ground.
"I can't believe it's you." Lexi said still in a mega hug with Flame "How did you get here?"
"I don't know. I barley know anything anymore. I lost my memory i think yesterday." Flame said trying to get free.
Lexi let go of Flame and stood up saying "So you don't remember anything from before you were here?"
"Nope." Flame said standing up
"Well.... How have you been surviving?"
"Oh thanks. That reminds me i have to get back before it gets to late."
"I will tell you their come on. run!" Flame said when grabbing Lexi's hand and stated running
After a bit of running Flame and Lexi got back to the sky clan's base. Flame looked around and found Silent talking to Queen about something. Flame took Lexi to Silent.
"Hello Flame." Silent said acknowledging Flame's presence
"Hi Silent. This is Lexi." Flame said nodding to Lexi
"Her. She is Lexi a close friend of mine." Flame said pointing to Lexi
"Their is no one their."
"I didn't know you already made friends on this island. I guess i have to tell you now." Lexi said facing Flame
"What is it and why can't she see you?" Flame asked
"Flame? Who are you talking to? Don't go crazy on me now." Silent said concerned
"Flame.... I am a ghost. I did two days ago while we were on a boat to the Duel academy for special duelists of the world." Lexi admitted
"What?" Flame said confused "How are you a ghost. You practically killed me in the woods and i pulled you all the way here?"
"Only you can see, hear, or touch me because i am your spirit."
"Your my spirit? I have a spirit? Why do i have one? When did i get a spirit?"
"Flame slow down. I am your spirit because you are favored by the gods so they sent me to make sure you have the information you need to survive. I became your spirit because we knew each other very well and we were on the same boat when i died."
"Well how will you help me then?"
"I can summon a duel spirit to help you with your dueling skills and i will come up when i think you need me again."
"Wait if you were with me when you die can you tell me how you died?"
"The boat we were on was destroyed by a wave and i drowned while you floated to this island safely."
"Well i will be going now."Lexi said starting to fade away
"Wait! What about my dueling spirit?"
"Oh yeah. Hear. He will appear when i disappear." Lexi said right before she completely disappeared
"Flame? Are you ok? Do i need to call Queen for you?" Silent asked
"No. Just a old friend of mine came to visit me before she was gone for ever." Flame said looking up at the sky
"HELLO!!!" Phoenix yelled out of no where
"Wow. Don't scare me like that!" Flame yelled
"Who is their now?" Silent asked concerned
"Oh it's just Phoenix."
"Just Phoenix! I am your dueling spirit!" Phoenix yelled pissed
"Oh. OH. OH. Your my dueling spirit." Flame said surprised
"Well what do you expect?" Phoenix asked
"Flame. Tell Phoenix i say hi." Silent said "I will be over their talking to Queen."
"Ok Silent." Flame said to silent then turned to Phoenix "I did beet you in the first duel we had so i expected anyone but you."
"Well. Aren't you rude. I was testing you. I stopped testing to late and couldn't make a come back."
"What ever. You don't have to make excuses. Well if you are that good when are we going to train?"
"Tomorrow. For today we will take a break and have fun."
"OK. Then i will ignore you for the rest of the day."
Flame walked around saying hi to Guardian, Queen, and properly to Silent. Although Flame looked all over he couldn't find Optimus. He asked Guardian, Queen, and Silent if they new where he was and they said that they had no idea. Apparently he disappears from time to and so does Queen and Guardian at times. After the day was almost over Lexi reappeared.
"Lexi. Hi" Flame said
"Flame we have a problem." Lexi said
"What is that?"
"Optimus. He is coming here with his people from the earth clan"
"What? Now?"
"Yes now. Hurry or else you will lose do to not being prepared." Lexi said as she disappeared
"Why didn't you tell me this Phoenix?" Flame asked Phoenix angrily
"I didn't know. I am only a dueling spirit. I ain't a personal spirit." Phoenix said
"So your useless."
Flame went everywhere around warning everyone and having the duel machines get ready. They readied their decks and waited for them to appear. As they waited in silence for them to appear their hearts were racing. Finally They hurried the bushes move and saw Optimus appear.
"What is going on here" Optimus asked
"We know you were coming here with your people from the earth clan." Flame said
"See i told you he wasn't the leader." Silent said
"Well i guess at least you figured it out Flame but i am wondering how did you?" Optimus asked
"That is for me to know and you to find out. Find out in the afterlife." Flame retorted
"I dare you to try it." Optimus said with the worst evilest look on his face ever.
They saw a bunch of people come out of the bushes and line up behind Optimus. Flame was expecting only a few like sky clan but not like fifty. He thought they were boned even though he knew he was fine but their was no way that the others could handle them. Then Optimus made an announcement.
"Your Wicked Avatar is nothing compared to my Wicked Dreadwood."
"You are a chosen one also?! Then i must defeat you!" Flame yelled gaining his confidence back.
To be continued......
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PostSubject: Re: stranded duelist's chapter 3   Fri Jan 27, 2012 5:49 am

Finally, me in it http://1.bp.blogspot
Aren't I helpful, lol, jk jk
Nice fic Razz

I wanna be someone that leaves you for 'reason' then you 'rescue' me back to my old self http://1.bp.blogspot
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stranded duelist's chapter 3
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