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 Life, heart, and the duel chapter 2

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Goyo Guardian


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PostSubject: Life, heart, and the duel chapter 2   Fri Jan 27, 2012 1:13 am

"Goyo Guardian? Like the Card?"
"Yes, and you're Silent Magician like the card"
"Yeah so can you tell me about yourself?" I barely caught that sentence cause i was finally getting a look at the girl in front of me. She was beautiful long brown hair that shone in the light, amazing green eyes that looked like emeralds, a very kind but sophisticated looking face, she was short but you could tell she was a swimmer cause she had that incredible swimmer's body, then my mind went off like any other mindless boy she had an amazing bust that were easily D cups if not bigger and she had that amazing round ass that you would just love to grab. Then i came back to reality to a very angry girl.
"HELLO? Are you fucking dense I'm talking to you."
"Sorry my mind was off." Then i caught my self staring at her breasts that were barely inside her dress that was open in the front down to her belly button.
"No shit Sherlock now look at my face not my boobs!"
Damn she noticed me and i blushed and probably looked like a fucking cherry. "I'm sorry but I won't tell you anything about me...or rather i can't."
"Why the fuck not? I need to know something about you since you're going to be staying here." She was definitely angry
"I cant tell you cause i don't remember anything. And who ever said i was going to stay here i don't know what this place or what i even do here." Now i was getting agitated.
"I'm sorry i didn't know you lost your memory." She started to blush.
"Why do you get angry so easily?" I was starting to become curious why someone like her that she's probably around 17 would be a head mistress.
"I recently started running the place with some friends and i have been very stressed out lately. Again I'm sorry i snapped at you." She got even redder which i didn't think was possible till i saw it.
"It's ok but i don't think i will be staying here i must go."
"I know who you are. You ran the Revo Wreckers and on top of that you guys were about to run the entire underground if your men didn't slip up."
"If you know this why do you want me here?"
Right when i finished it a boy walked in he was tall about 6 foot and he had black hair long enough to cover his ears, his eyes were the darkest color i have ever seen, he was built pretty well not big but not skinny also he wore ripped black jeans and a black shirt with a heavy leather jacket. But he wasn't what caught my eye he came in with 4 metal cases that i am almost certain are from my apartment and on top was my gauntlet. "Phoenix you're just in time." Silent said.
"Oh he's finally awake. Nice to meet you I'm Phoenix, Silent's right hand man. And you are?"
"I'm Goyo...I'm also the person that is about to kick your do you have all 50 of my decks and my gauntlet?"
Phoenix turned and started leaving. It was Silent that spoke next "Listen it's not that we are letting you stay her eit's that we want you here. Badly."
"Why me? I'm just a crime lord."
"Yes but you hold one of these...this duel disk you have do you know what it means or where you got it from?"
"No the night I lost my memory i woke up and it was on my wrist. Why? Is it important?"
"Incredibly, there are 8 more like this out there each belonging to a medical project conducted by the company Xerxes Medical. Everyone has heard the story that humans only use 10% of the brain. But Xerxes found a medicine that allowed use to 100%. Drawback was only 9 doses could be made cause the ingredients needed ran out while they were making it. These 9 people can think faster than a super computer, you will never forget a single thing, and you have telepathic powers. Another side note to the medicine with a more powerful mind these few individuals had unparallelled strength. speed, and their muscle structure was incredible."
"What does any of this have to do with my Gauntlet?" I was startled buy what she was telling me.
"The medicine was still slightly unstable and would not reach full potential without a magnetic catalyst. They made 9 controller band's to go along with each dose. The gauntlet's were made of Adimanium. It's magnetic properties completed the medicine's eff. The cool thing about the Adimanium is that it bonds with the person and glows a color that symbolizes the person and their being. When i found you it was glowing orange....the symbol for a confused but kind and very strong willed person."
"So your telling me I'm super human? FUCKING SICK!!!!"
"Yes you are and also you are a super duelist. Your advanced mind allows for you to string combos and pull of wins most cannot."
"But why do you want me here?"
"The International. It's a dueling tournament amongst the greatest dueling academies in the world. 16 in all and the thing is 3 academies have formed an alliance...they each hold one duelist like you and they plan to take over the world basically. but on the positive not the other 5 duelist like you are each in an academy allied together against them. We would love if you joined us against them and on a side note win us the International crown."
"I would be honored to save the world. And plus I've heard about academies...always something i wanted to do."
"Thank you so much!" She jumped on me and hugged me tightly I could feel her heart beat and it sped up the longer she held me. Then she pulled back red as ever and looked away. "Well lets get you out of this bed and all of your stuff up to the Dreadroot dorm." She put all my stuff on the cart and put everything by the door. Then she turned around and waited for me.
"Whats the Dreadroot dorm?" I had no idea what was going on but i enjoyed it.
"It's the elite duelist of the academy the best of the best. We go in order Avatar dorm, Eraser dorm, and Dreadroot dorm. They normally test for dorm's but there is no need to test you...the facts don't lie you haven't lost a duel in the past 8 years."
"I haven't? I wouldn't remember." I said sarcastically.
"Yeah well lets go all your stuff from your old apartment is at your dorm already. Time for you to meet your room mate." I followed her through the campus and it was incredible looked like something out of a sci-fi movie and the coolest thing...most of the academy was under water except for the academies very own island the was just above the academy.
"Here we are." Silent said as we arrived at this huge door. "Ok don't be startled the academy has a lot of rich benefactors." I didn't expect what i would see next; a massive room with a wall with 8 TV's all lined up on one wall, massive surround sound throughout this huge room, very nice black leather couches and decor to match, a large kitchen with our own personal kitchen staff working on a meal, one wall of the living room was completely gone and outside was a huge swimming pool with a waterfall and jets, a lazy river running around the pool and 2 huge hot tubs big enough for 10 people each. Then the view from the pool was spectacular it was in a clear dome right next to a very bright and lively coral reef. "How do you like the living room?"
"This is a joke right...this is not my place is it?" I was dumbfounded.
"Yes it is now come on let me show you your room and bathroom." She took me down a hall that at one end was a locked door with loud music coming from it.
"Who is my room mate?" This was what was on my mind more than anything.
"Optimus Prime. one of the schools best duelists. And here is your room." We walked into a large room with 4 TV's all on one wall and another huge surround sound system then the whole decor of the room was magnificent and in the center of one wall was a massive California king bed. And best of all the side wall that didn't have the TV's, my bed and a door that most likely led to the bathroom was completely made out of glass and was roughly 10 feet from the reef close enough to see all the hiding fish. "And finally here is your bathroom." She opened the door on the opposite wall and inside was the biggest bathroom i had ever seen the bath tube was about the size of the hot tubes out side and the shower was one of those that you controlled from a panel in the wall and the headers were all inside the wall and ceiling. The counter was made from white granite and the faucet was gold. Then in a separate smaller room was the toilet it was fancy it was controlled by a little panel on the side of it and you could have the heat warm up or cool down. "So do you like it?"
"No, I love it. I never want to move out." I was ecstatic never had i seen such an amazing place.
"I'm glad you liked it now lets go meet your roommate."
"Sure lets go."
We arrived at the closed door and Silent began to bang hard on the door "OPTIMUS GET YOU LITTLE BUT OUT HERE!!!" A few second later a kid roughly 18 steps out of the room he was relatively short about 5'7" and he had light blonde hair that was spiked backwards, very light blue eyes that looked like the sky, he was very built for someone his height and he dressed very nicely with a pair of blue jeans, a blue and white striped polo shirt, and he had glasses that reflected his eyes.
"No way the beat up kid is my room mate? Cool." I could already tell me and him were going to get along.
"Hi I'm Goyo nice to meet you." I shook his hand and he was really strong you could tell by his hand shake.
"I'm Optimus the best duelist on campus."
"Wanna test that theory?" I have been itching for a duel for awhile now and I felt like he could definitely give me a good challenge.
"Hell yeah." He held up his wrist and his duel disk shot out onto his wrist. You ready?
"Let me get a deck." I went over to my room and opened my cases. "Good they are still in alphabetical order." I quickly grabbed one of my mediocre decks ran to pool area. Out there Optimus and Silent were waiting on a rather large patio area. When i arrive there i could see the outlines drawn for a dueling field. I pressed the button and my gauntlet morphed into my duel disk and then started to glow bright orange again.
"Crap forgot you're one of the 9." I had to smile at this cause i didn't know till recently.
"You ready i called to him."
"Yeah, newbies go first." I drew my first 6 cards and knew right there it was over...I had my Hunter loop in hand.
To be continued.....
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PostSubject: Re: Life, heart, and the duel chapter 2   Fri Jan 27, 2012 1:19 am

awesome goyo lol but i think silet might kill you xD ( or be flattered )
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PostSubject: Re: Life, heart, and the duel chapter 2   Fri Jan 27, 2012 6:05 am

awesome works, I loved reading the fanfics of TDA http://1.bp.blogspot
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Silent Magician

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PostSubject: Re: Life, heart, and the duel chapter 2   Fri Jan 27, 2012 9:16 am

why is my boob size important lol
okay i might be flattered >.>

i'd never kill gaara though xD
maybe hurt or maim
...but not kill ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Life, heart, and the duel chapter 2   Fri Jan 27, 2012 10:16 am

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PostSubject: Re: Life, heart, and the duel chapter 2   

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Life, heart, and the duel chapter 2
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