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 stranded duelists chapter four

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(KTD) Lord Flame


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PostSubject: stranded duelists chapter four   Sun Jan 29, 2012 7:19 pm

Chapter 4
"You defeat me." Optimus did a little fake laugh "Don't make me laugh."
"You think your so tough. Prove you are and get up here to duel me one on one."
"Why should i bother with you. You can easily be killed by my twenty three subordinates"
"Ok send them all at me at once. Now!" Flame ordered
"Wait Flame!" Guardian yelled "I will help you that way are victory is assured."
"Ok Guardian but i can't promise your safety." Flame said
"Ok everyone go now. You can beet them easy." Optimus ordered
Optimus's subordinates all got set to duel and with in ten minutes Flame had defeated twelve of them. Guardian defeated the other eleven in twice as much time but did it easily. Flame can barley keep his eyes open from destroying all the subordinates of Optimus's clan.
"So you destroyed the weaklings. Big deal. You still won't be able to beat me even in the condition that you are in now." Optimus teased
"Guardian he is right you need to take over for me. I know you can do it." Flame admitted
"I don't think i will be able to especially while he have a god card and i don't." Guardian said
"Here barrow mine. I will need it back afterwards though when i come to." Flame said throwing Guardian The Wicked Avatar
Guardian caught it and said "Thanks don't worry i will easily destroy this fool."
Flame blacked out then and their. As the waves of the ocean tried taking the small life boat upside down and killing the rest of them they found a island that could be used for cover until the storm stopped and they could continue their journey. He didn't wake up until hours later when Silent threw a bucket of water on his face.
Flame looked around and saw all the dead subordinates of Optimus's clan. He saw Optimus laying on the ground dead so he was happy that Guardian won but Guardian wasn't any were to be seen.
"Are you alright?" Silent asked
"Yeah. Where is Guardian?" Flame asked
"Well..... He defeated Optimus with your The Wicked Avatar card and......"
"And he also used The Wicked Eraser."
"Turns out he was also one of the chosen ones and the leader of water clan"
"He also stole your card."
"I should never have trusted him."
"It's not your fault. I should have known that he was the leader of water clan because he disappeared a lot."
"But i gave him the most powerful card ever"
Flame and Silent sighed. Flame stood up and Lexi appeared with Guardian.
"Flame. You must get back the wicked gods cards." Lexi said
"How can i? I don't have any of the cards anymore." Flame replied
"Guardian will look over your deck and recommend cards to add so you can get the Slifer card and Obelisk card from the leader of Lightning clan and the leader of fire clan."
"I will?" Guardian said then Lexi gave him a death stare and he said "Yeah! I will."
"Thank you Guardian." Lexi said satisfied
"Ok. Are Slifer and Obelisk less powerful than the wicked gods? Flame asked
"Yes. But if you play Obelisk right you can defeat the wicked gods. Although you won't stand a chance against Obelisk without slifer so aim for him first. He is among the fire clan."
"Ok I will thanks for the help."
"You won't be thanking me after a while." Lexi said as she disappeared.
"Wait?! What did you mean by that Lexi!?" Flame shouted
"Well Flame let me look at your deck so we can get this deck great enough to beat any card we come across."
"Ok Guardian." Flame said while placing his cards on the ground for Guardian to see.
Guardian looked over Flames deck suggesting to get rid of some cards and adding some other cards. It took all day for Flame to find the cards he needed among the decks of Optimus's dead subordinates. Eventually Flames deck was finished but they still had to make the long journey to the other clan. Silent was their guide to the fire clan that was on top of the volcano. That's why their name was the fire clan. It took them four days to get their. They had to climb over a rushing river first, then they had to walk across a falling apart bridge that was over a giant pit that the bottom couldn't be seen, then they had to climb up the side of the volcano to get to the top. When they got to the top they saw the fire clan waiting for them.
"So the oracle was right. Sky clan was going to give me a visit today." A man said standing in front of a giant crowd.
"Flame this is the leader of fire clan. He is known as DCA." Silent said silently
As Flame looked over DCA he noticed that he was only four feet tall and was only wearing super riped shorts. He had a six pack that was clearly mad from the renovations of his home.
"You guys know that their was stairs right over their." DCA said pointing right next to where they came up
Flame looked to over where he was pointing to notice that their was a long stair way right their.
"You gotta be kidding me." Flame said exhausted from the climb
"Well it won't matter anyway you won't ever need them again. After all in the afterlife you can fly to where you wanna go." DCA said snottily
"Shut up and nut up."
"Alright. Get the duel arena ready." DCA ordered
Flame noticed that a duel arena was coming up from the volcano's mouth. This duel arena looked special, it had a giant glass ball around the players stand points. He noticed DCA stepping into his stand point with the glass ball around it so Flame did the same. Once they got in thier respected spots the glass balls closed off the entrance.
"What is the meaning of this?" Flame asked
"This duel has to end in ten turns or else both of us will be cooked like chicken on thanks giving eve." DCA said
"Their is no way to stop it now so shut up and nut up."
They both drew cards from their deck. DCA was first so he drew a card from his deck and set down 3 cards and played Genex Ally BirdMan in attack. Flame drew a card from his deck and he had Malefic Cyber End Dragon, Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon, Alexandrite Dragon, Red-Eyes Wyvern, and two Exploder Dragons. He played Exploder Dragon and banished it to special summon Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon. DCA activated Solemn Warning to pay 2000 life points to negate the summon.
DCA drew a card and played down Inzektor Centipede. He then equipped Inzektor Hornet to him and attacked flame giving him 3500 damage. Flame drew Gold Sarcophagus and activated it to banish Future Fusion for 2 turns. He then played Alexandrite dragon and attacked Genex Ally BirdMan giving DCA 600 damage. DCA then drew a card and played Inzektor Centipede and equipped Inzektor Giga-Mantis and Inzektor Hornet. He then destroyed Flames Alexandrite dragon and attacked him directly giving him 4500 damage.
Flame has lost and he new what that meant. As he waited for the feeling of death it never came. He was shocked and so was everyone else. The glass opened up for DCA to get out and he talked with one of his clan members. That member walked over to where Flame was and opened up the glass ball. Then Flame walked out and DCA walked up to him.
"So the gods must favor you." DCA said holding something "Well i respect that. They must want you to succeed."
DCA handed Flame the Slifer god card.
"Go and win your way off this island and all of us."
"I will." Flame said "I won't lose again."
DCA slowly left with his people while the arena lowered itself.
"Flame your alive." Silent said with tears in her eyes
"Why are you crying? It is me after all you think i can die that easy?" Flame encouragly
"You idiot. Your going to kill yourself." Silent said whipping away her tears
"At least it won't be you."
"Flame i am disappointed in you. I thought you dueled better than that." Phoenix said
"You set up my deck you son of a bitch."
"Hey. Don't turn this on me."
"I will."
"Girls shut up!" Lexi yelled "You act like your fighting over a boyfriend."
"No where not." Phoenix said
"What ever just look over the deck again and win against the next opponent we don't want anything to happen." Lexi said
"Ok we will work on it now and go." Flame said
"Good." Lexi said
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PostSubject: Re: stranded duelists chapter four   Tue Jan 31, 2012 5:47 am

awesome Smile
next mission, to get obelisk right? Razz
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stranded duelists chapter four
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