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 Hyperion chronicles chapter 2

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PostSubject: Hyperion chronicles chapter 2   Tue Mar 20, 2012 9:12 pm


I didn't sleep well because of this god damn tourney ... I gave it a lot of thought all night and in the morning I woke up early, at about 6:30am.
My back was killing me because of the hard couch I was sleeping on. After stretching myself I went to the kitchen and saw L making a breakfast.
"Hay I didn't expect you'd be up so early" I said while rubbing my eyes
"Well I couldn't sleep well ... I've been thinking for this tourney all the time, since I might get killed and all”
"AHhh me too ... but we have 1 hour until it starts and you know I can't think straight on an empty stomach so let's first satiate ourselves and then we'll give it a thought."
After chatting a bit and eating the sandwiches L made, we started to prepare. We packed everything we needed, brushed our teeth, put some fancy clothes on and were ready to go.
“Make sure we didn't forget anything" L said and grabbed the keys from the table.
“I think we got all we need, so let's roll out"
The day was beautiful. The sun shined strongly and somehow the air was fresh, tough we were in a city. While I was admiring this common but full of beauty day L came and said
“Think fast" and threw the keys ... „you drive”
"Are you sure? I don't want to cause any incidents"
"Don't worry almost everyone is at the tourney's arena now ... the traffic is low"
"Ahh didn't think of that smartass"
After a 30 minutes or so of driving we finally arrived. So many people... if were to continue driving we wouldn't be able to park and we decided to abandon the car and continue on foot. We started making our way through the crowd and looking around for any familiar faces. At some point L whistled at me and gave me a sign to follow him. Then he led me to his friends and introduced me to all of them. The girls I met were gorgeous ... I have never thought I'd met so pretty girls at a tourney but I said to myself
" There's always a first time for everything " . Also there were some dudes I met for the first time ... Ulti, LSD, NM and LI and they looked as they are cool dudes. Once more I looked at the girls ... one of them had long, straight and shiny black hair, the other two had red hairs which is my fave color next to green and black, the three of them had bodies that I'd rate from 9/10... However I turned at L and said quietly:
"L , L , L why didn't you tell me that you know so gorgeous chicks"
"It was a matter of time ... you'd have found out anyway" and nodded
"Sure ... you are still greedy for women as always, aren't you ?"
"Ok let's discuss that later Bee , we have more important things to do now."
Suddenly someone started talking on microphone ... I barely could hear anything because we were too far from the speakers and the echo was terrible. However the voice repeated the same thing 3 times:
"Get ready all participants. You can check your opponents on monitors we have placed all around the arena. You’re free to start dueling, the time you’ll have is 3 hours... otherwise 1 of the 2 teams which didn't make it on time and didn't manage to play their duel is going to be disqualified. "
We looked around and searched for the closest monitor but L's phone rang and a second later his face was pale like snow.
"L, what happened, bad news?"
"Bee I got to go, I'm going to return in hour or two, I have to do something more urgent" and he ran towards the car"
"Wait what ...." but he couldn't hear me anymore " Great .. now what. We're supposed to play our duel in 3 hours and he's just left like that."
I was trying to guess what's so important that could cause L's fuss leaving but nothing came to my mind. I said to myself " I can't just sit here and do nothing" then I went to check our opponents. Somehow i made it through the crowd to one of the monitors and the moment I saw our opponents my jaw left open for a while ... they were The GirlPower ... Karin and Queen (I knew them from one of the international tourneys). I still couldn't believe my eyes and then someone behind me said

" Hey Bee, long time no see sweety" ...

To be continue

P.S. Thanks to L for his support .. I appreciate it bro


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Hyperion chronicles chapter 2
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