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 smutt #4 Inuyasha 18+ only

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PostSubject: smutt #4 Inuyasha 18+ only   Sun Jan 29, 2012 9:38 pm

Kagome held Inuyasha's hand as she lead him through the streets of Tokyo. He looked around wondering why she hadn't made him wear his hat.

"Kagome why didn't you make me wear my hat?"

"It's Halloween."

"What the fuck is that suppose to mean?"

It's a special holiday. People dress up like demons, monsters, witches and other stuff. No one is going to think you're really in your true form. They'll think you're in a costume."

Inuyasha looked around and noticed that people weren't staring at his clothes or sword like they usually do. They ignored him completely.

"Kids dress up and demand candy. People our age go to parties." Kagome explained.

"Okay, but where the hell are we headed?"

"We need to get some pumpkins."

"What the hell for?"

"To make jack-o-lanterns of course."

Inuyasha crossed his arms as they came to a fruit stand. He watched as Kagome tried to pick up the heavy pumpkins. "Wench that's too heavy for you." he said grabbing the pumpkin.

"We need three." she told him.

"Why so many?"

"One for me, you and Sota."

Inuyasha wasn't about to argue with her. He just wasn't in the mood so he grabbed two more.

Kagome led him inside to pay for the pumpkins. She wondered if he'd like her costume tonight. She'd have to convince him to go to her friends party with her.


Kagome knew the only one who was home was gramps. He was sweeping the shrine grounds and looked up when he sensed a demonic aura approaching.

He pulled out a sutra until he saw Inuyasha and Kagome coming up the steps. "Gramps put that thing away. It's powerless unless you actually have spiritual powers." she told him.

"I do have spiritual powers young lady!"

Inuyasha rolled his eyes. "That day you have spiritual powers I'll give Sesshomaru the Tetsusaiga."

Kagome giggled at the look on her gramps face. "We got the pumpkins." she said.

"Don't forget to save the insides for your mother. She'll make some of her pumpkin pie." Gramps told Kagome.

"What's pie?" Inuyasha asked.

"It's a sweet dessert. We'll bring some back to the others. Come on let's go inside."

He followed her inside. She took out two knives and a large bowl as he put the bag on the table. "Inuyasha why don't you sit?"

Inuyasha fell to the ground. Kagome heard him crash from behind her cursing. She spun around and put the things on the table before helping him up. "I'm sorry I didn't mean to do that."

He got up and said, "Damn it Kagome! When are you going to take these damn beads off."


"Why the fuck not?"

"Because as soon as the jewel is complete your going to try to take it and use it to become a demon." she said sadly.

Inuyasha was surprised she still thought about that. "Kagome I don't want to be a demon anymore."

"You're just saying that."

"No I'm not! Why would I still want to be a demon? I'd kill everything in my path including you!"

"Then what do you want?"

Inuyasha looked away. He wasn't about to tell her he wanted her. He wasn't the type of a person.

Kagome watched him turn away from her. Why wouldn't he tell her what it was he wanted? She could tell he was uncomfortable so she decided to change the subject. She handed him hand sanitizer.

"What do you want me to do with this?" he asked.

Kagome put some on his hands. "Just rub it on you hands."

Inuyasha sniffed it before doing what she said. She put some on herseelf and took out two of the pumpkins. "I'm gonna teach you to carve a face in a pumpkin."

"You've got to be kidding me! No way!"

Kagome turned around and gave a sad puppy face. "Pretty please Inuyasha?"

Inuyasha sighed. He hated when she did that. "Fine."

She squealed and pushed him to the table. She sat down next to him and said, "First we open it at the top like this." She cut a circle into the top. "Now you try."

Inuyasha sighed and extended his claws. He cut circle in the top and flicked it off by the stem.

"Don't you wanna use a knife?"

"This is easier for me."

"Now we take out what's inside it." Kagome showed him how to take out the insides before putting them in the bowl. "Mom will use this to make the pie."

He followed what she did until both pumpkins were empty. "Next we put on the face. I'll show you how to make the eyes." she said grabbing the knife and cutting out two triangles for eyes.

Inuyasha rolled his eyes. This was a stupid custom. He sighed and made the eyes with his claws before poking them out. He watched as she made a nose and mouth and did the same.

Kagome was shocked how good his looked. She didn't know he had any artistic talent. "Inuyasha I didn't know you did art."

"I don't." he said finishing the stupid pumpkin.

"You never drew before?"

"Not since I was a pup. That was almost two hundred years ago."

Kagome got up to get some electric candles and put one in each pumpkin before putting the tops back on. "Now the face will glow." she told him.

Inuyasha blinked a few times before he heard Kagome say, "We've been invited to a party by Yuka, Eri and Ayumi."

"Us? Please tell me your going alone. I hate parties."

"Ever since they've met you they love you. They want you to come and so do I." she said putting the pumpkins on the window.

Inuyasha sighed. At least he didn't have to wear that stupid hat. "Fine, but it sounds boring."

Kagome squealed and ran upstairs to change. They had to leave soon.

"Where the hell are you going?"

"To get my costume on."

Inuyasha crossed his arms and looked away. When he looked back at doorway she was gone.


Kagome wondered if Inuyasha would even let her out in this outfit. She had on a leather mini skirt with a tube top and a pink wig on. She decided against makeup and had on hooker boots that went up to the knees. She put the finishing touches on her pink wig.

Inuyasha walked to her door and stopped in his tracks. "Woman what the fuck are you wearing?!"

Kagome turned around. "My costume."

"Oh hell no! No fucken way!" Inuyasha came in the room and took off his fire-rat and put it around her shoulders before tying it around her waist. "And I thought your school uniform was short!"

"Inuyasha I'm suppose to be a singer. This is how they dress."

"No that's how a trollop dresses. Why don't you go as a miko?"

"I'm not going dressed like your ex-girlfriend Inuyasha!"

Kami she acts like I want to see her dressed like Kikyo, he thought.

"Can't you borrow something from your mother?"

Kagome took off the fire-rat and smiled. "Don't you like seeing me like this?"

Inuyasha blushed and looked away. "It's not me that's the problem. Other guys will be staring at you."

"Um, that's sorta the point Inuyasha."

He growled. "I'm not letting you leave like that."

"Oh yes you will! You can't boss me around. Besides I know you like it. I can tell because your blushing."

Inuyasha blushed a deeper shade of red.

"Don't worry Inuyasha." Kagome said and wrapped her arms around his neck. "Your the only one for me. I'm not intereted in anyone else."

"What about that Hojo?"

Kagome's jaw dropped. Inuyasha stared her down.

"How... How do you know about Hojo?"

"Remember the time you were sick and I made the cold medicine for you?"

Kagome nodded.

"Well when your friends and Hojo came to visit I was there. When they started to help you study I was out your window and saw him."he said as his ears drooped sadly as he looked away.

Kagome's eyes searched his face. "Inuyasha you do know I love you, not Hojo."

Inuyasha's ears twitched, but he didn't look back at her.

"I want you to think I look pretty."

Inuyasha finally looked at her. "I never said you weren't/"

Kagome wanted more than for him to think that. She wondered if he ever wanted her as much as she wanted him. She'd been waiting a long time to make a move on her, but he seemed reluctant.

Inuyasha picked up a spike in her scent. He pulled away as if her skin had burned him. He didn't trust himself when she was in that kind of a state. Especially with her dressed like that.

She frowned at him. She didn't know what she had done wrong.

If anyone touches her I'll kill them. No one will lay a hand on her tonight. They better not even look at her like she's s piece of meat.

"Come on Inuyasha let's go." Kagome said grabbing her purse. She could tell things were getting a little uncomfortable for him. He looked almost angry. She wondered if he was mad at her, but thought better of it. She knew she had done nothng wrong. Still as she walked to the stairs she had to ask, "Inuyasha are you mad at me?"

"No. I'm not mad at you."

Kagome looked up at him. She wondered what he was thinking. She took his hand and squeezed it hoping he would relax. It didn't seem to work, but she knew he liked the costume. He wouldn't still be blushing if he didn't.


Inuyasha and Kagome walked into Yuka's house. The music was blasting as Inuyasha tried to protect his ears by pinning them to his head.

"Kagome! Inuyasha! You both came! You look beautiful.s " Yuka said coming over to play hostess.

"Of course." Kagome said smiling.

"We thought maybe because of your rheumatism you wouldn't be coming."

Gramps I'll give you rheumatism!

Inuyasha looked confused. "Rheumatism?"

"Doesn't he know how sick you've been?" Yuka asked.

"Sick? Kagome what is she talking about?"

"Yuka he is in denial. He doesn't believe the doctors." Kagome said in a rush. It was the only excuse she could think of.

"I guess that's understandable. Try to stay away from the candy so your diabete's doesn't act up."

To Inuyasha's surprise she groaned and hid her face into his chest.

Yuka excused herself. Inuyasha put his hand on her back. "Kagome what is she talking about?"

"Gramps tells them I'm sick when I'm in the feudal era."

"Kagome!" came a boys voice.

"Shit!" Inuyasha growled.

"Be nice Inuyasha please!"

Inuyasha looked around to see Hojo dressed as a pirate. He noticed everyone was dressed up. Some were dancing while others were playing various games.

Ayumi came over with Hojo dressed as a mermaid. "Hey Inuyasha! Hey Kagome!"

Kagome turned around. "Ayumi you look beautiful!"

"Who's this Kagome?" Hojo asked.

"This is Inuyasha. He's Kagome's boyfriend." Ayumi answered before she could. "I love your costume Inuyasha. Those ears look adorable on you!"

"Are you wearing a wig and contacts?" Hojo asked.

"No Hojo, that's how he looks." Ayumi said. "Doesn't he have the most beautiful eyes?"

Inuyasha blushed as Hojo wondered how anyone could have golden eyes.

"Well it's nice to meet you. I'm Hojo." he said taking Inuyasha's hand and giving it a shake. He noticed the claws, but figured they were part of his costume. "What's your name?"

When Inuyasha simply glared at him Ayumi and Kagome both said his name at the same time. "Inuyasha."

No wonder he dressed as a dog demon today, Hojo thought.

Inuyasha pulled his hand away and looked around. The people who were dancing were doing so quite pervocatively.

Ayumi grabbed Kagome and dragged her away as Inuyasha watched after her confused. His ears twitched as she called after him.

He stood there a minute before following after her. Hojo wondered if the ears he was wearing were mechanical. He decided they were and followed after them.


Yuka, Eri and Ayumi dragged Kagome upstairs to Yuka's room. They wanted to show her something.

Yuka took a box out from under her bed and handed it to Kagome.

Kagome examined the box and looked at her friends. "A Ouija board?"

"Yep! We played it today before the party. We know we can't do it now again with everyone here, but we want you to try it." Eri said.

"Take it home with you." Yuka told her handing her the box.

"I don't know." Kagome said apprehensively.

"It's Halloween! Come on don't be such a chicken!" Eri urged.

"Kagome it's a lot of fun. Maybe you can contact someone." Ayumi said.

Kagome took the box and examined it.

"The instructions are inside. Keep it as long as you want. It will work any time of the year." Yuka said.

Kagome nodded. "Do you have a bag I can carry it in?"

Yuka left the room and soon came back with a plastic bag. She took the box and put it in the bag. "This game is so much fun Kagome. You'll love it."

Kagome took the bag and thanked Yuka. She wondered if she could get Inuyasha to use it with her.


Inuyasha noticed the bag Kagome had as they left the party. "Kagome what is that?" he asked.

"It's a game. Will you play it with me?"

"I don't play games." he snorted and crossed his arms as they walked out the door of Yuka's house. Everyone was leaving at the same time they were. It was getting late.

"Please Inuyasha? I don't want to use it myself. It's a game for adults."

"What kind of game?"

"You contact spirits."

Inuyasha looked surprised. "Kagome that sounds dangerous."

"It's not. Come on after all we've been through your worried about a game? You've fought countless demons yet your afraid of this?"

"I never said I was afraid. I don't want you to get hurt."

"I won't! It's not dangerous at all! It's just for fun!"

Inuyasha sighed in defeat. "Fine, I'll play it with you."

Kagome squealed happily and practically did a jig. She wondered who they could contact.


It was late and Kagome wasn't surprised that everyone was asleep as they walked in the door. She saw Sota's trick or treating candy near the jack-o-lanterns her and Inuyasha made. She also noticed a third one that Sota must have made along with some already eaten pumkin pie.

Kagome walked over to the pie and took a couple of slices before taking some candy. Inuyasha watched her from the door as she walked over and handed him a slice of pie in a dish. "Here take this while I get us something to drink. I want to know what you think of this pie."

She got them both a glass of milk before getting chop sticks and dropping some of Sota's candy into her bag. She and Inuyasha then made their way to her bedroom.

Kagome sat on the bed and indicated that Inuyasha do the same. Once he sat down she took out the Ouija board. He watched as she put the board on her bed and took out a triangle shaped thing.

She took a bite of her pie. "Go ahead Inuyasha. Try the pie."

Inuyasha nodded and cut a piece with the chop sticks before taking a bite of his own. His eyes went wide at the taste.

"Do you like it?"

Inuyasha nodded. "Yeah. It's good."

Kagome beamed a smile and took out some little chocolate bars. "Here try this. If you liked that you absolutely love this."

"What is it?"

"Chocolate. Just open the wrapper first."

Inuyasha sliced it open and took a bite. His eyes went even widered than they had with the pie. He quickly finished the small bar.

"I take it you liked that too." she said handing him another.

"It's so sweet. I never tasted anything like it before."

"It's from Spain. It's delicious isn't it?" she asked as she took out one for herself and took a bite.

Inuyasha nodded and ate the second piece rather happily. Kagome put the triangle shaped thing on the board.

"This is called an indicator. It will move on it's own and spell out words to us after we ask questions."

Inuyasha looked at the game. "How can it move on it's own? Is it magic?"

Kagome smiled up at him. "A spirit will come and will move it to talk to us. I guess you could call it a form of magic, but it really isn't. The spirit moves it." She put his hand on the indicator and said, "Now hold it lightly and don't let go."

Inuyasha nodded and put his other hand on so both rested on it gently as Kagome did the same.

"Is there anyone here?"

Inuyasha was surprised when it started moving and spelled out the word, Yes.

"Stop playing with me Kagome. I know your moving it." he told her.

"I'm not! Watch." Kagome took her hand off it. When Inuyasha did the same put his hands back. "Stay there." she ordered before asking. "Can you move for Inuyasha?"

It again spelled out the word, Yes.

"But I didn't move it!" Inuyasha cried out.

"I told you so!" Kagome said putting her hands back on the indicator. "What's your name?"


"Are you a boy or a girl?"

Yes, but there is a girl here too.

"Who?" Kagome asked.


Kagome smiled. "Well it's nice to meet you."

Inuyasha felt an ice cold wind pick up and looked at the window. It was closed. His hackles rose as he looked around expecting some kind of attack.

Kagome shivered before asking. "Is that you?"

Yes and Rikku.

Kagome suddenly felt another cold wind. This time though she felt it enter her body. She pulled her hands away from the indicator from the weird sensation.

"Kagome are you alright?" Inuyasha asked worried.

Kagome looked up at him. Her eyes looked different somehow. Inuyasha saw a seductive smile spread on her face.

Inuyasha blinked a few times. This wasn't his Kagome! "Kagome is that you? What's wrong?"

She shook her head and lifted her hand waving it at him as if telling someone to go to him.

Inuyasha put his hand on his sword as he suddenly felt something cold enter his body. He tried to fight the intrusion when he felt himself transforming into a full demon.

Kagome seemed to watch amused as his fangs and claws grew. His eyes turned red as stripes appeared on his face and he began a low growl.

After his transformation completed he looked around. He saw Kagome smile at him. "You love me?"

Inuyasha wasn't himself and he could tell she wasn't either. He felt another presence in his body and tried to push it out but couldn't. He continued to growl before lunging at Kagome pushing her to the bed. He quickly ripped off his clothes as she undid his.

What am I doing? Why can't I stop? Who is making me do this? Inuyasha thought.

He couldn't stop himself. He wasn't in control at all as he threw her formerly provacative costume aside. He was completely aware of everything that was going on, but unable to stop himself. He tried desperately to stop what he was doing.

Kagome was completely aware too. She offered resistance against the own intrusion into her body and tried to use her sacred powers to get the presence out of her. Try as she might she found herself unable force this prescense out.

Inuyasha kissed her passionately and she returned it. He brought his clawed hand to her breast and squeeze it gently causing her to moan into his mouth. He reached up with his free hand and threw off her pink wig. Her long ebony hair fell down around her on the pillow.

Kagome finally got the last of his clothes off and wrapped her legs around him. Inuyasha pulled away as his blue and red eyes looked down at her hungrily.

She thrust against his naked shaft. He could pick up the scent of her arousal and instead of moaning growled with desire.

"Chion it's been way too long since we've done this." Kagome said.

Inuyasha smiled and nodded. "It has."

"What are you going to do about it?"

He smiled dangerously and brought his lips to hers again before kissing his way down her body. He took a breast kissing it affectionately before taking it into his mouth nibbling and sucking on the nipple.

Kagome cried out and pushed his head to her breast harder. "Don't stop." she whimpered.

Inuyasha looked up with her as her face contorted with pleasure. He brought a hand down between her legs and he growled into her breast as his fingers sought out her clit.

She cried out even louder as his fingers rubbed against her clit. She thrust her hips into his hand and continued to beg for more.

Inuyasha and Kagome both still fought the presence in their bodies furiously. Both thought the other didn't want this.

After a moment he finally pulled away from her breast and kissed her down her body. He made if between her legs. "I wonder what kind of demon I am." he said.

"I think your an inu." Kagome told him.

"That would explain why I can smell you."

She looked down at him and smiled as he took her hand away from her clit and brought his face down to her. He'd never been a demon before and took a moment to sniff between her legs before giving a teasing lick.

Kagome fell back on on the bed moaning as she thrust her hips up to his.

Inuyasha was encouraged by her reaction. He quickly buried her face between her legs.

Kagome brought her hands to his head and pushed him harder against her. "Chion I want your finger inside me."

He pulled away and looked up at her. "But I have these long claws."

"Bite them off."

Inuyasha complied and used his fangs to bit off two of his claws from his left hand and brought his mouth back to her clit. Biting them off had been tougher than he'd expected. A lot tougher. He sucked her clit gently into his mouth as he thrust both fingers inside her.

"Easy! She's a virgin!"

Chion looked up surprise. "She is? You mean this demon hasn't taken her?"

"Apparently not."

"But he loves her. I can feel it."

"She loves him too. She wants this."

Inuyasha heard the words they were speaking. He suddenly stopped trying to fight the presence in his body.

"He's given up fighting me. He wants this too." Inuyasha said.

Kagome heard that Inuyasha wanted her and stopped fighting the presence in her own body,

"She's stopped resisting too. Is he also a virgin?"

He closed his eyes and searched the mind of the demon he was in. "I'm surprised. He is. He's about two hundred year's old. I would think that by now he'd have at least taken someone."

Inuyasha buried himself back between her legs and thrust a finger into her gently. Kagome threw herself back on the bed and thrust her hips up to him. He licked at her greedily like a starving man as he pumped her with his finger. After she had gotten use to his finger and was thrashing on the bed he added a second.

Kagome put her legs over his shoulders. She squeezed her legs around his head as her own head thrashed from side to side.

He licked her as fast as he could. He used his fangs to on her clit playfully causing her to cry out and squirm. He continued to lick her as fast as his tongue could move and was soon rewards by her screaming out wildly.


Inuyasha smiled from his perch as he continued to thrust and lick her at a hurried pace as she came on his face and hand.

Once she had calmed down he licked her juices up greedily savoring the taste. Inuyasha could pick up Kagome's scent and taste himself even though he wasn't in control of his actions. From where he was in his mind he closed his eyes thinking about Kagome and how much he loved her.

Kagome couldn't believe the feeling she'd just had. She could feel everything happening to her body from her mind as well. She'd never felt anything so good in all her life.

Inuyasha worked his way up her panting body pausing at her breasts a moment before kissing her passionately. Their tongue's dueled for a moment. He pulled away from her and looked down into her eyes.

"Remember she's a virgin. Be gentle." Kagome said.

He nodded before saying, "These instincts in me are telling me to take you from behind, but I'll fight them because I want to see your face."

Kagome smiled an reached down between their bodies and began to pump him insistantly. He growled again as his hips started to thrust against her hand.

She pumped him harder causing him to thrust harder. "You want me don't you?"

"I always want you Rikku. You know how much I love you."

She rolled him over. She worked her way down his body as lovingly as he had hers before she started to kiss his hard cock affectionately.

Kagome finally took him into her mouth gently earning a growl of approval. She bobbed her head up and down quickly paying special attention to the head of his cock. Each time she reached it she swirled her tongue around it. She used her hands to pump what she couldn't reach.

His hips thrust into her mouth as his head fell back and his own hands tangled themselves in her hair. Finally when he could stand it no more he pulled her away by her hair and pulled her into a seering kiss.

"Fuck me now." she ordered.

He smiled and nodded as he rolled them back over until she was on her back. She spread her legs as wide as they could go. He looked down at her body before rubbing his groin against her wet heat causing her to moan.

He positioned himself at her wet enterance. He kept in mind her body was one of a virgin and slowly entered her.

She cried out in pain. Kagome nearly screamed in her mind at the intrusion.

He broke through her barrier as gently as possible before staying still for her to accomidate her. He heard the demon in his mind begin to purr as if saying he wanted to comfort the woman under him. He followed the demons example and brought his body down to Kagome's and began to purr in her ear as he kissed and nibbled on it.

She slowly began to relax. He didn't move again until she thrust against him to let him know she was ready.

He began a slow and steady pace. She moaned under him and met his thrusts expertly.

"Go faster." she begged.

Kagome cried out in her mind as Inuyasha thrusted faster.

She looked up at her lover with a smile. "Cum with me so we can go home."

Inuyasha nodded as he thrust into her as hard as he could as he brought his right hand down to her. He wanted to put his remaining claws to good use. He began to pinch and rub her clit before he used his claws to flick at it as quickly as she could. He felt his own orgasm approaching as she immediately began to thrash on the bed under him.

He lifted her legs onto his shoulders so he could thrust into her more deeply before returning he claws to her clit. He continued at a fast pace as he felt her tighten around him.

"I want to hear you scream Rikku."

In their minds Inuyasha and Kagome were thinking about each other. Kagome was screaming and thrashing in her mind while Inuyasha had his eyes closed and focused on how much he loved her whispering her name. Why hadn't he ever told her before?

Suddenly Kagome screamed out as her orgasm ripped through her body. Inuyasha cried out Rikku's name as he came with her.

After they both came down from their orgasms Inuyasha put his head on Kagome's shoulder as he continued to thrust into her.

"He's not done?" she asked surpised when she'd finally caught her breath.

"I guess it's because he's a demon." he whimpered as he continued to thrust into her.

"Let's go and leave these two."

He smiled and took her hand into his. They both left their bodies as they had entered them.

Inuyasha continued to thrust into Kagome as he transformed back into a hanyou. She was moaning under him and thrusting against him.

Once he was back to his normal self he felt Kagome remove his legs from his shoulders and wrap them around his waist pulling him closer.

Kagome and Inuyasha both realized their senses were back. He got up and tried to pull away from her almost afraid until she said, "Don't stop Inuyasha.

Inuyasha nodded and continued to thrust into her. He looked into her eyes before bringing his lips to hers in a gentle kiss.

Kagome returned the kiss moaning into his mouth as he increased his pace. His hand was still buried between her legs. He rubbed her clit in circles as she once again started to thrash under him.

He pulled away from the kiss and looked down at her as her eyes closed and her lips parted. She met each of his thrusts with her own.

He rubbed her clit harder as she began to shiver under him as she thrashed.

"Inuyasha?" she moaned out.

"Hmm?" he said enthralled with watching her rapidly lose control of herself.

"We're they right? Do you really love me?" she asked opening her eyes.

Inuyasha looked deep into her eyes. "Yes. I do love you. You're the most precious thing in my life."

"I love you too Inuyasha."

Kagome brought her hands to his ears and began to massage them. He moaned and closed his eyes and he thrust into her harder almost unwillingly.

Her hips suddenly snapped into his with a mind of their own as she tightened around him and screamed out as she came on his cock.


Watching, hearing and feeling her cum caused him to lose it himself. He pressed his body to hers as his head rested on her shoulder. "Kagome..." he moaned.

Kagome seemed to cry out forever as her body lost complete and utter control. Inuyasha thrust into her as hard as he could to prolong her orgasm as his flicked her clit quickly with his claws.

He felt his orgasm pass as she finally calmed down. He breathed heavily from his perch on her shoulder for a moment longer before pulling out of her.

"That felt..." Kagome said trailing off.

"Amazing." Inuyasha finished for her.

"It did. We must do this more often."

Inuyasha nodded wearily from her shoulder. "Only with you."

He sat up and looked down at her. "Are you sure you're okay with what happened Kagome?"

"I'm glad it happened." Kagome said.

He rolled them over and pulled her close as he looked down at his broken claws. He knew they'd grow back in a few hours. "Me too."

She noticed that the pies they were eating had fallen onto the floor. Well no matter. She didn't mind cleaning up the mess later.

She'd definitely have to thank Yuka for the game.

Kagome snuggled closer to Inuyasha and he tightened his grip around her. She'd never felt so happy and satisified before. She'd never felt any sensations like that either.

Inuyasha began to purr to lull her to sleep. Her last thought was wondering when would be the next time they could be together like this.
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